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Sonnet Eighteen and Three-Quarters

They say we should find new challenges for ourselves each day. I agree. And what bigger challenge than to combine Miley Cyrus and Shakespeare?

So look here, my friends, for I have risen to the challenge. I chose Sonnet 18 (because it’s a probable pop single among the Bard’s sonnets) and mashed it up with the basic gist of lyrics from “Wrecking Ball.”

Honestly the iambic pentameter stumbles,  and the “Elizabethan” grammar is lamentable. I still managed to maintain it in sonnet form, though; you can count. Anyway, no more disclaimers.


Sonnet Eighteen and Three-Quarters

Miley Shakespeare

Shall I compare thee to a wrecking ball?

Thou hast not hit so hard in love (or hate).

Yea, thou wert so inclined to break my wall

Thy wrecking lease hath all too short a date.

Sometimes we jumped whilst never asking why

And oft we clawed; we chained our hearts in vain

A love a wand’ring Death dare not deny

Emblazoned till our ashes fell like rain.

But didst thou say I runneth from thy midst?’

Forsooth! I walketh like an elephant!

Verily thy breakage shall desist

Thine balls of wreckage I shall always want.

So long as Miley breathes and I can see,

So long lives this: thou hast wre-e-ecked me.


And someday…

there’ll be nothing left.

Only me,

Staring straight into an empty mirror.


You live in a scrap heap of imaginary lives.

You’ve always been alone,

But the worn-out boots by the door are somebody else’s size.

You’re a piano-player’s daydream, you smell like

Sad songs and solitaire.

And one night,

you walked across the room-

you draped your jacket on my empty chair.


You’re a story in a book I left in a bus.

A few pages more and I might have reached you.



PS: That's a real background, not a painting. Manually edited it to look Van Gogh-ish.

In The Beginning…

You thought you were a god

just because you

created worlds.

And because

you thought you were a god,

you made short shrift

of the creation of worlds.

But you loved,

You loved them all.


And what worlds you created!

Worlds beside worlds,

worlds inside worlds,

worlds so young they

thought they were other worlds,

worlds so old they

forgot they were worlds.

And you saw that

they were good.


And in your worlds,

they laughed & cried

and danced and died,

and hoped & fucked

and looked

to the skies

because they thought

there was a God.


And they smote in the name of God.

Your name was God

and your name was Fate-

their Fate, your whim.

And you measured and

wove their strings-

And strings cut strings

in the name of God

and you thought that it was good.


In the Kingdom of Glory,

I sat on your knee

as you proudly spun stories

only a god could orchestrate

and you taught me to destroy

the worlds and things

you could create

and tangle and cut strings

with a practiced hand

on a whim.


And in your worlds,

they sang and screamed

and fought and dreamed

and burned and yearned

and feared

for their souls

because they thought

there was a



And what worlds I destroyed!

Worlds within worlds,

worlds between worlds,

worlds so grand

they thought they were eternal,

worlds so small they

forgot they existed.

And I saw that

They never did.


And I thought I was the Devil

just because I

destroyed worlds.

And because

I thought I was the Devil,

I made short shrift

of the destruction of worlds.


But I loved,

I loved them all.

In the end.