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Fancast: Wicked, the Musical Movie

In a parallel universe somewhere, I am probably responsible for casting things. Unfortunately, in this one, that doesn’t happen too frequently, and when it does, it certainly isn’t Hollywood. But one can dream, right? And dreaming’s what I do, so one of my fave pastimes is coming up with an imaginary cast for a hypothetical live-action movie adaptation of basically anything (usually books or musicals).

Anyhow, here’s my current imaginary cast for Wicked (the musical) if they make a movie adaptation:

Lea Michele as Elphaba

Found on missleamichele.net

Found on missleamichele.net

Come on, you guys, Lea Michele looks like she could be Idina Menzel’s daughter. (See: Glee.)

Kristin Bell as Glinda

Found on kristenringsmybell.tumblr.com

Found on kristenringsmybell.tumblr.com

It’s about time Kristen Bell got a live-action singing role. Also, she’s tiny (though not quite as tiny as Chenoweth) and probably could do our perky, pink-wearing popular witch justice.

Sam Claflin as Fiyero

Found on panempropaganda.com

Found on panempropaganda.com

Finnick as Fiyero! If you’re wondering about his ability to sing, Sam played Enjolras in a Norfolk Theatre production of Les Mis (check it out here), and his performance was well-received. But mostly it’s that innate cheekiness he has, that winning charm.

Daniel Radcliffe as Boq

Found on thedapperproject.com

Found on thedapperproject.com

Our Danny Boy has, er, the right height for a Munchkin boy. Plus he’s done the musical “How to Succeed in Business.” I just hope he’s not sick and tired of going to magical schools . . .

Anna Kendrick as Nessarose


Sure, Kendrick has been in every other movie musical these days, which could be a tad annoying, but Nessarose herself is supposed to be a tad annoying anyway.

James McAvoy as Doctor Dillamond


I briefly considered Johnny Depp, seeing as he loves costumey things and musicals, but due to McAvoy’s extensive goat-playing experience (see: Narnia), he wins this one.

Meryl Streep as Madame Morrible

The Hollywood Powers-That-Be have issued a decree saying Meryl Streep must be cast in every significant movie-musical from now on. Done.

Robert Downey Jr. as The Wizard of Oz

[couldn't find photo credit for this one, sorry.]

[couldn’t find photo credit for this one, sorry.]

Don’t you think this is a more inspired choice than James Franco? RDJ is made of awesomeness.

Idina Menzel as Elphaba’s Mother

Found on ca.askmen.com

Found on ca.askmen.com

Customary Original Broadway Cast cameo. Also, hel-lo, Lea Michele’s mother? Obvious answer is obvious.

* * *

That about sums it up! Next up, probably The Night Circus, which I’ve just finished and absolutely love. I’m also willing to take on any requests. Cheers!