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Do You Want to Solve a Murder? by Disney’s Sherlock

Little Sherlock:
Mycroft? *knocks*
Do you wanna play detective?
Come on, let’s go and play
I don’t see Redbeard anymore
Well, since 9:44
It’s like he’s run away
We used to be best buddies,
and now he’s gone
I wish we could find out why . . .
Do you wanna play detective?
You can be my boss detective!

Little Mycroft:
Bugger off, Sherlock. (Idiots can’t be detectives!)

Little Sherlock:
Okay, bye.

Teen Sherlock:
Do you wanna see a crime scene?
There’s been a robbery at the mall
I think investigation’s overdue
I’ve started seeing clues
Like pictures on the walls
It gets a little lonely
My mind-palace rooms
Just watching the words rush by . . .
“terminally single. sleep-deprived. secretly gay. likes umbrellas.”

Teen Mycroft:
Brother dear, must you ANALYSE me!

Adult Sherlock:
*knocks* Mycroft?
Brother, please, I know you’re in there
Working out, I can deduce
But I wish you’d stop ignoring me,
You see it’s boring me,
There’s really no excuse!
See, Lestrade is being useless,
John’s on a date,
There’s no one I can impress!
Do you want to solve a murder?
It doesn’t have to be a murder . . .

Go play with your FRIENDS, Sherlock.


I saw a post on Facebook with the same idea (but as a text conversation) and couldn’t resist writing the full version. I kept its title (do you want to solve a murder?) as well as the boring-ignoring bit and the final “Prick.” So whoever came up with that, thank you, you’re brilliant, and you’ve kept me amused for minutes. (-Minutes? You’re slipping. -Twenties, dear readers. Comes to us all.) The rest I made up, most of it while giggling to myself.

Seriously, though (or less so), sing to the tune of the Frozen song and with BBC’s Holmes brothers in your mind palace. Enjoy!

PS. I wish there was something I could do to actually have Cumberbatch and Gatiss sing this together. Then I can die happy.