About Pami Therese

Pami Therese was born with one foot in the dreamworld and the other in an imaginary outer space carnival on the day after today. One cannot be certain of what she is doing in this universe, but rumors have it that there are decapitated heads and giant houseflies involved.

Conspiracy theories aside, she is involved in a few real-world pursuits, like writing for “Circus of Fancies” in Sunstar Weekend, her monthly column on unreality, and participating every now and then in improvisational Pocket Performances with Perporming Arts Kolektib (PAK). Then again, one may argue that even these are not legitimate real-world pursuits, either.

She does not believe in organised religion, although she is actually a choirgirl. She sings with “Voices of Praise Carmel”- and if you want to hear them, you can buy their album, “Way Sukod Ang Pagmahal”- all original compositions by Msgr. Rudy Villanueva. (She mentions this because Nyor Rudy is a very cool dude, and deserves a mention.)

For readily available samples, check out their Facebook page here: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Voices-of-Praise-Carmel-VOP/240983441595

Apart from shameless plugging, she also enjoys making stuff up, reading stuff other writers made up, and listening to people who tell the truth while making things up. She is mad about the circus and Doctor Who. She dabbles in musical theatre once in a while, doodles and designs a little, loves to dress up in costumes, and loves persuading other people to dress up in costumes. She keeps a dream journal because the stories in her dreams are darker and better than any she could possibly invent herself.

She thinks furry animals are generally wonderful, and does not understand ketchup or why people put it on their food.

[As you can see, this post requires a truckload of updating. I’ll get to it later because . . . because procrastination, that’s why.]


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