Whale Sharks in the Year of the Water Dragon. (Almost.)

This Chinese New Year, I nearly got to see the whale sharks in Oslob, a day we now dub (thanks to Vince and DK) as the Almost Butanding Experience.

We set off carefree as can be, making stops for bathroom, smoke, and snack-buying breaks. We even stopped for a bit in Boljoon to take a few pictures of the schoolhouse and the church. Yes, we took our sweet time. After all, not too many people would be THAT interested in watching whale sharks, right?

Us pretending to be time travellers in a Coke refrigerator. A local "Doctor Who"?

Wrong. Apparently, it turned out that the whole of Cebu decided to go butanding-watching at the same time. The hype surrounding them was now a bit mad, to the extent that they had to impose a cut-off time to avoid stressing the poor creatures out. Today was especially busy because it was Sunday, and the day before a holiday.

Us waiting for our names to be called. In vain.

Anyhow, everyone had to sign in a logbook, after which the groups would be called in order after intervals to get a ticket. After acquiring this ticket, you could then choose a resort and a boat. Unfortunately, we were about six or seven pages away, and the line wasn’t moving very quickly. We decided to spend the rest of the day taking pictures in Carcar and Argao instead, and return on a later date, preferably a weekday this time.

In Argao, they have giant torta. Apparently.

The headmasters of the Boljoon schoolhouse. Since 1940.

Feeling mermaidy while someone behind me attempts to surf.

Oh, and that same day was the Chinese New Year celebration (it’s the Year of the Water Dragon, in case you didn’t guess from the title) at the Chu’un Temple, so after the Almost Butanding Experience, I had to haul my sleepless self there for another performance of Siddhartha: The Musical. It felt a bit like sleepdancing, and I nearly fell off the platform. Twice.

"Siddhartha" at the Fo Guang Shan Chu Un Temple. Obviously not one of those times I nearly fell.

Why do I have time for all these things? Well, after another BPO job that didn’t quite work out, I decided to go back to freelancing. I recently signed up for Odesk, which allows me to work from my computer on either a full-time or part-time basis, depending on the job or project I apply for. I’m not big on fixed schedules and I do intend to do a bit of travelling this year, so that suits me just fine.

(Oh, and if you’re interested to try something like that, click here or on that widgety thing on the top right.)

I’ll let you know when we have our Actual Butanding Experience. Stay tuned.

Credits to DK Maranion for most of the photos- she took the better ones in this post.


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