Two and Three: Bohemia and Taiwan.


Worked with Cattski (and Peewee, and Jem) yet again, on a project of an entirely different nature, a music video for the Cat’s new album. The concept? Her eccentric friends gallivanting about the downtown city streets, basically being ourselves. Needless to say, we had a blast and a bit of a drink afterwards (also included in the video, which you should definitely not miss).

Find out more about it from the Cat herself. Here.


I mean the musical by Jude Gitamondoc, not the book by Herman Hesse. The one that has more or less set a longevity record for musical plays in Cebu. Its first run was in the Waterfront Hotel way back in 2007 which was followed by shows in Manila (CCP), Taiwan, Bacolod and Iloilo over the years. Some of the original cast are still part of the production, though many have come and gone. I auditioned and joined up in 2009 for the Bacolod-Iloilo run. This time, we were invited to perform in Taiwan for the inauguration of the Buddha Memorial Centre.

This put a lot of goodies in my First Time basket. It was my first time in Taiwan, the first time I went abroad with friends, the first time I performed in a foreign country, and the first time I ever danced the Sinulog!


Most of our time was spent on rehearsals galore…

That's me in the red-and-black arm warmers!

…but we did manage to squeeze in a bit of fun! We explored the grounds of Fo Guang Shan and a couple of museums, tried a bit of calligraphy (which I made a horrible mess of, predictably), ate at a scrumptuous buffet in the city, and window-shopped at a very expensive mall. Oh, and we took a LOT of pictures, so I’m (obviously) trying to find excuses to randomly put them up here.

Also, we did some shows, which was basically the point of us being there. Two turned into three, which turned out to be mostly (except that bit where Vince got his leg injured) a wonderful thing, because everyone felt that the third show was the best of all.

Here are a few glimpses of “Siddhartha: The Musical” in the Buddha Memorial Theatre in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. If you want to see the whole show, the good news is we’re performing again in the upcoming Chinese New Year celebration (Jan 22) in the Fo Guang Shan temple in V. Rama and on Feb 10 at the Cebu Coliseum.

Post a comment if you need further details on our upcoming shows!


PS: A good many of the pictures in this post aren’t mine. They were grabbed from people who grabbed them from somebody else, so if you happen to be the photographer, great job and do let me know so I can credit you in this post. Thankees! 🙂


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